About Us


Hello! Welcome to Mad Meadow Farm.

Located 15 minutes north of Hamilton in Millgrove, Ontario we focus on producing the healthiest, tastiest, organically grown vegetables that our Earth can provide for us. We experiment with various permaculture techniques to achieve a harmonious relationship with nature. 

My name is Madeleine and I've been working on organic farms in the area for the past 6 seasons in various roles. My passion for food began when I was very young. My mother Gabi always had an organic vegetable garden. Many memories of wandering into the garden at dinner time, plucking greens and other yummy vegetables only to be enjoying them minutes later on our table. Farming isn't where I started in the food industry, I've lived another life in restaurants and cafes. From cooking to managing, I've nearly done it all. Now I've landed at beginning of the food cycle with growing and I couldn't be happier!

The 2021 Season is the first year in our new home. The property was previously owned by the Koike family for the past 7 decades.

We are honoured to continue their work as caretakers of the land. We are calling this our "soft year" as we focus on making infrastructure improvements to support an even greener future (think rain catchment systems, solar energy and expanding on regenerative farming practices). You can follow along the journey on our Instagram where I try to document it all.  

It really takes a village. I'd like to say thank you to my family, friends and  community for all of your support. 


Feel free to reach out any time!
e-mail hello@madmeadowfarm.ca
call or text 647-267-7957